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Welcome to Massage, Hair Removal, Skin Care & Yoga! If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist or a licensed esthetician, you’ve come to the right place.

Graduated from the following schools:

Southeastern Institute-Charleston SC (Massage Therapy)

 Charleston Cosmetology Institute-Charleston SC (Esthetics)

 Amrit Yoga Institute-Salt Springs FL (Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator)

My new certification as a Yoga Nidra teacher has added a great value to my practice. This sleep base meditation technique has opened up posibilities for self-help by treating the root cause of PTSD, Trauma, Anger, Stress, Addictions, phobias and more.

I am so excited to share this knowledge because I happen to be a trauma survivor that has pushed through my bad habits that used to conceal my inner pain. I know that with my knowledge and personal experiences, that you and I can work together to reach our common goal. That being, making it easier to be present in the "now"; not your past, and not your future.

Yoga Nidra to me is a life savior becuase it has given me a second chance. This is true by me aknowledging, mentally and emotionally, that I am not my past. To all my amazing teachers thank you for sharing your knowledge,love and compassion (and yes I do recomend this schools to everybody).   I have been trained and certified in a variety of modalities. To learn more about the techniques that I offer, click on the "Services & Rates" tab. 

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Just remember, we're in this together.